Shopping, again

Being away from home for a few days, has made me feel so tired. Then this week I have taught 18 classes in 2 days, helping students with online class work and assisting students find biographies for their 4Th quarter book reports/projects. My day didn't end at 3:18, one afternoon I was at a professional development class (the history of Loudoun County) and another day after school I was at a department meeting and this afternoon I was after school cutting letters for a new bulletin board. Last but not least completing my grant proposal for next school year. I am tired. So I am taking tomorrow off. Just to sleep in and to run needed errands here at home, stuff I can't do on the weekend. This Saturday my PD class meets for a field trip. I need a vacation. At least the weather has gotten a little better.

All those reasons are my excuses for not getting to my email this week. Just too tired to respond intelligently.I have emails from the friend who wants me to go shopping with him. His second email request included a story about how our shopping trip will go down. I have agreed to go shopping with him before but I know that is scary for him no matter how many emails he sends asking me to go shopping with him, it is his fantasy.

this is his story from the email:

We'd meet up at Leesburg Premium Corner, outside the Lane Bryant Outlet. We'd go in together, heading immediately to the lingerie section. If any of the sales staff asked, you would say we're shopping for bra and panties. They have a big table filled with satin panties. We would grab a bunch, and we would hold them up to each other. I would say that you would look cute in these, and you would hold them up to me saying these panties would be so cute on you, we should buy a matching pair. You would grab a few tops and skirts, and we would go into the dressing room together. I would try the bras on you, and you would see how I looked in the panties. You would be bottomless, and I would finger your pussy and asshole as you tried on bras. You would pull out my cock and rub it on the satin panties. We would then buy panties and bras, and you would ask if you could wear some of the items out. We'd go back in to the dressing room, where you would take off my pants, take my boxers away from me, and dress me in panties. We would then go to the Maidenform and Hanes outlets, where you would tell them you are looking for bras and panties to match my panties (pulling mine up to show them). We would repeat at Kohls. Very important ---- at some point either in the dressing room or the car you would blow me to completion, swallowing my load whole. You would also lick my asshole after you blew me. You in?

He has a good fantasy some day it may become more then a fantasy for him. Many talk but no one really walks the talk. I know that first hand.

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  1. Nice fantasy. Sure would like to do the same shopping trip with you if we could get together some time, and then have some nice panty play afterward.