Men's Health

Its a magazine. As a matter of fact I was sitting in the lawyers office waiting to see Howard. Howard will be part of another discussion, omg he is beautiful. I usually have a book with me but this time I left it in the car. Sometimes it is good to glance at a magazine that is 2 years old. I don't think I have seen this magazine before but on the cover is a gorgeous guy, tight /hard looking nipples and muscular. Oh Lord! his pecks and stomach are for caressing and pleasuring. The cover got me looking inside the magazine, but the table of contents got me turning the pages. I can say I haven't looked in a men's magazine before but I did ask Howard if I could take this magazine home with me. I can say by looking quickly at the magazine I would recommend getting a subscription for your SO. I will be giving this magazine more then a glance. The articles! I have looked at are advice columns how to pleasure themselves when the SO is away and more. Men's Health is definitely a guys magazine.

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