People Watcher

I will be headed to the airport in just a few minutes. I am getting abit anxious I don't know why, it just happens. I have traveled to many places by myself this time it just feels different.

I have checked emails and IMs even caught a few old friends online. One friend is in Kuwait to assist Georgetown University setting up the IT stuff in one of their buildings. He just arrived and I know already his family misses him. He has had some tragedy in his family this past year, beginning with losing his job in Arizona, his wife having breast cancer and now he is in the Middle East for a couple years. Hopefully his family will be able to join him during their summer break.

Then even an older friend caught me online. Being caught online probably has something to do with spring break, everyone is online. He is bi, he is one guy that I knew before moving to Virginia. He and I talk about everything and anything related to his sexuality. He has multiple fetishes, so many I wonder if he knows his sexual identity. He is cool, a computer wizard. You need to remember I am not a psychologist, I talk from my heart and experiences. Being discreet, honest, open, and non judging.

I do love to people watch. I guess it began when I noticed how people eat ice cream or french fries. Usually it is finger food that attracts me to watch people. If they could see themselves in the mirror just how erotic and sensual it is for them to eat finger foods, licking their fingers, letting their tongues slip around their lips. The next time you are eating fries, pay attention to how you eat them and how you lick your fingers to taste the seasonings. Better yet watch the person that is sitting across the table from you or next to you. Maybe a message is being sent to you and you haven't learned the secret code.

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