Should Thong Showing be Fined?

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Britney's thong peeks out via Splash News
Thanks to the increased popularity in high-waisted jeans, thongs popping out in the back of a woman's denim is slightly less of a problem. That said, we still cringe at the sight of a g-string in public. When wearing low rise jeans, having your undies peek out is sometimes unavoidable, but this is wear a longer tee covering your waist comes in. Trust us, you may think revealing a hint of satin or lace is hot, but look at this picture of Britney Spears on the left. Ew. Not cute.The city of Yakima, Washington is fed up with the panty party and has imposed a fine of up to $750 on women caught showing off "cleavage of the buttocks." This includes either see-through dresses or G-strings, which officials have deemed offensive to the public. In addition to the hefty fine, women caught revealing their backsides face up to 90 days in jail.Do you agree with this new law? Do you think any other "fashion crimes" deserve a punishment, and if so which ones? [The Sun]

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