Do you know what VPL stands for?
I'll be back with an explanation and more.

When I was first introduced to guys in panties, I really had no clue about what VPL meant. It was a moderator on a forum, he told me VPL= visible pantie line. I don't intentionally look for pantie lines but they are noticeable on the ladies. It is amazing because pantie lines can be observed. Even the type of panties the ladies are wearing can be seen. The styles worn are bikini to full brief panties. Some smooth and caressing the cheeks nicely or so baggy I wonder if they are comfortable.

I have yet to observe a pantie line on guys. Even when I knew the guy had panties on I couldn't actually see a pantie line. When I slipped my hand into his back pocket then I could feel the panties he was wearing, which lead me to caress his firm round cheeks. If you have a VPL I would love to see a picture. Remember a VPL is visible after you have slipped on your clothes. Do you check yourself out in the mirror looking for VPL? Just wondering!

Let me know.

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