I don't even know how to begin this, but here it goes. Last night or very early this morning, I was once again talking to my friend from Australia. I am never certain about the time difference. When Steven found out I was still up a 2 am my time, he sent me to bed. Maybe one day I will get to meet him. It makes no difference my nights have been very restless. Lots on the brain, hope by September there will be less to worry about. And yesterday my carpal tunnel started acting up, it has been difficult to dress, so tomorrow it will be the simplest of clothes for me to dress in.
But anyway, the conversation we were having has been one we have been going around and around about for awhile. The issue isn't the typical fetish question, panties, lingerie, socks or any of the others discussed on forums. But the question he asks me is always why can't guys wear whatever they want, when they want, where ever they want. I give him the pat answer, you know the answer its because our societies and culture would have difficultly accepting guys in female clothing. Notice I used the word 'guys'. I am talking about the 100% male all masculine, rugged tough guy. oh maybe not so rugged or tough but you get the idea.
Yes there are guys who want to wear the clothing that makes them feel most comfortable, whatever that clothing is. They want to be able to have all the choices that women have. Not to be limited to just slacks and a shirt! I personally don't understand why a guy would want to wear heels or stockings or dresses or skirts. When I wear those items I behave differently, more feminine or 'lady like'. Which is different then when I am wearing slacks and a blouse. Not to say I leave my 'lady like' behavior at home on those days but I can bend over, climb ladders and all that other stuff without worrying about who can see what! Remember I do teach school.
The question still is the same WHY? why is it that guys can't slip on heels, it has been proven in history that men wore heels way before women took over the fashion, history proves that men have been wearing clothing that resembles skirts or dresses for centuries in the eastern world, when did this become a ladies only fashion trend. Guys were the peacocks through out history, wearing the brightest of colors. At least that has changed over the years. I love seeing the male teachers at school in the their colorful dress shirts. I do compliment the guys on the colors they wear.
So I am game, Why??? can't guys wear whatever they want, when they want, where ever they want? Please give me a history lesson. It's time to have a revolution. The 60's and 70's the age of women's liberation, had women wearing men's clothing, maybe its time we have a men's revolution! A new decade will be here in a few short months 2010, is it time for a revolution?

I am tired of giving the same pat answers, after awhile the pat answer has no meaning, no definition, just rhetoric. Lip service. Help me out, give me another answer to WHY??

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