Gentle Kisses

Gentle kisses along the chin, neck and ear
Moving my hair away to get a closer kiss.
Sniff the air you catch the lavender scent that I shampoo in and bathe in
Sliding hands over my breasts drawing me closer
Inhaling my breath
Sharing kisses and tongues
The moan and purring of the closeness of touches
So intimate
Unbuttoning my blouse, slipping it over my head caressing my breasts within white satiny bra
Leading to the bed
Standing in front of you
You unbuttoning my slacks
Pulling down both slacks and panties
Brushing ever so slightly by accident of course my intimate parts
Knowing the scent of wet hot intimate parts
Slipping a finger in between my legs
Separating my lips
Gentle kisses and caresses
Bringing me down on the bed
Spreading my hair over the bed
Running your hands thru my hair, ouch don’t tangle it
Touching and running your hands down
Licking and teasing my nipples listening for the moans of pleasure
Slipping your fingers thru my hairs finding swollen lips and clit
Wetness fills your palm
We share the taste
As I notice a definite hardness as I press my palm to your slacks
Sooooooon to be resting inside a warm wet home

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