Golf -2

The Drive Home

Once I am in the car, I slip on the seat belt, put the key in the ignition start the car. I am not really quite ready for the drive home. Leaning back in the seat, the 70’s playing on the stereo, and I can’t believe what I just did. But I wanted to see him in shorts. He knows I just love the curve of his butt, the firmness, and a chance to catch him with his male friends in panties. If only they knew! Thinking about the situation my hands get itchy, I get warm and begin to feel that desire for pleasure. I pull out my cell phone and pocket vibrator out of my purse. I turn them over and over in my hand. I wonder! My brain is clicking and my panties are getting damp. I know I don’t want to embarrass him but I do want him to know what he is missing. I decide to send a text message to him, I am not certain he can receive a text message but why not find out. It will be a simple message, scrolling down to get to the text messaging screen, I type “I am licking my lips”, send the text message to him and now I wait. I wait letting the pocket vibrator slip and slide over my pussy lips and clit.

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