My Panties
Knowing how much you like my panties, I am not even certain you have any of my panties in your collection now. We have shared panties back and forth for a few months now. After our time together, all the panties and play things are put into one bag and the laundry is done, I may have more of your panties then you have of mine. I slip my purple floral sheer panties down over my thighs, calves, ankles and toes. I use them to soak up any and all my wetness, slipping them into a bag to keep them moist. I clean up my front seat, putting the seat in the up right position, straighten my clothing so I am able to step out of the car. One more call to you, I get that crazy Nextel operator but I leave a message. Opening up my car door, slipping on my sun glasses, straightening myself again, I walk over to your truck; open the door, leaving my panties on the seat. I close the door, knowing you will enjoy the surprise I have left for you.
Before returning to my car, I walk over to the course, not knowing where you would be at this time, which tee or green, I stand taking in the breeze and peacefulness. Turning around, I realize I am thirsty; I walk to the outside deck, got a bottled water, open the bottle swallowing a mouthful. With a grin on my face I begin to wonder, to pee or not to pee!

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