Compliment or Harassment

There is a guy I work with that has been called weird. I think we all are weird or strange in our own ways. This colleague has on several occasions made comments to me that possibly said to others might make them feel creepy. Last week at school we celebrated breast cancer awareness. This colleague did make a comment to me which to me is a sign of the times of being politically correct. He said 'we can celebrate breast cancer awareness talk about cures and preventions but can't comment if you like a lady's breasts.' I had to agree with him. I grinned because that day I was wearing a similar bra to the one pictured in a previous post. Is my colleague a typical guy that wants to admire a lady's breasts without being called a perv? Is it harassment? Can it be said as a compliment? Do you give those compliments to a wife or gf? Is it sexual harassment? Is it something that is missing in relationships? I know when I see a male colleague dressed well I compliment him. I love it when I see great colored shirts and ties on guys. For once I hope guys feel comfortable wearing colors, its time to retire the white and pale blue shirts.

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