You know what I have realized that I like it when someone buys me panties. At first I was not thrilled about the idea. Don't ask why, I just wasn't. I have bought panties for others and sent them on their way but anyway. The panties bought for me weren't full briefs, or hiphuggers or any other style but they were boy shorts. I really never owned that style before. I have grown to like them more and more, for a couple of reasons; one being the colors, nice deep jewel tones and second because of the lace.

The person who bought these for me has found ebay and I tell him to be careful ebay can be addictive because he is also the one that bought me teddies. Which I love under a dress, such a sexy sensual feeling. Which I am beginning to like more and more.

I know the person who bought the teddies and panties for me thinks he owes because I readily buy for him and send them to him. For whatever reason he had, I am pleased he thought of me.
Those are them just different colors.

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