Shenandoah Region

I am not certain how many of you know where I live but I live in a very beautiful part of Virginia. The autumn foliage is beautiful this time of year. In the past I never really paid much attention to the seasonal change. For the last few weeks on my travels to school and to church I have noticed the season change. The mountains is where I see the change. Over the summer I didn't really see how tall or hilly the mountains were but with the change in foliage color I have noticed the varied elevations of the mountains. It was beautiful the reds, oranges, yellows and lately turning brown. I would say the trees are past prime color change, but it is still beautiful as the trees begin to fade from the yellows into browns.
Winter will soon arrive. Enjoy the weather it will be colder soon.

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  1. I was cutting it close to being late for church this morning. Good thing a few were just standing around chatting and there was Pastor waiting for the conversations to die down. We are a friendly church. I even got to chat with a friend I hadnt seen at church for a few Sundays. I thought her husband was another diplomatic trip. But anyway as I driving to church I was again amazed at the variations in the mountain colors from the trees as they prepare for winter. I was meandering along the road not realizing my pokiness but the sight was breath taking. You really should try to get on the Skyline Drive and see what I see every day.