I have been wearing PINK all week. Either panties and bra or some kind of outer clothing that is pink. This week at school is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS WEEK. The Leo Club is selling mardi gras beads in school colors and PINK as a fundraiser. We have been collecting the pink yogurt tops. Today I have on pink bra and panties. The last 2 days it has been pink blouse of some kind with pink bra and panties. The rest of the week I will be wearing PINK. Yes I still have more pink to wear. I have a pantie tattoo that is pink as a daily reminder for a friend.

Are you man enough to wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness?

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  1. You should have been at my school today. So much pink from all the staff, male and female. Even the students showed up in pink. The 8th graders won the school spirit stick, the most with pink on today. It was great! I went to study hall this morning to check on a student. Saw 3 boys with their faces covered in pink marker. I couldnt let them walk around all day with pink marker on their faces so, I went to the cafeteria and bought them pink and purple beads to show their support for breast cancer awareness. Purple is our school color with gold. It was a crazy day but a good day. So much pride in all the students today.