Are you ready for some hockey? I have been waiting for hockey to begin since the draft. I watched my first hockey game of the season last night. Actually I watched 2 games. I like watching the Captials play but when the game gets boring I look for another game to watch. Last nights Capitals game got boring in the second period. I bought NHL Center Ice, I flipped through the channels and found the Islanders playing the Penguins. It was good to see the Islanders begin the season. The scoring was back and forth. The Islanders fought back each time the Penguins scored. With seconds left in the game with the score 3-2 Islanders the Penguins scored to tie the game. The game went to a shoot out, the Islanders couldn't get anything pass Fluery, so the Penguins won the game. I was disappointed, the Islanders got a point for the tie. They have a couple of new young players I hope they can use them to build a winning team. The fans need to begin to wear the Islander blue to the games. Fans make a big difference. The players need to know you are there supporting them. Look in the rafters the team of the 70's had loud noisey fans.

Go Islanders

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