Teachable Moment

I had today off from school. I needed the day. I am not a morning person so getting up at 5 AM is tough. I did learn to get up at 5 AM years ago but this school year its been tougher then normal to get up. Having today off I slept until 9 AM. It was a good morning and a nice October day.

I had to go out to the grocery store for lunch stuff. While out I got gas for my car. While I was pumping the gas another older lady had to get gas also the problem she didn't know how! This also happened when I was getting gas a few weeks back but the girl was probably in her late teens or early twenties. A guy did help the ladies out but it is something we all need to know how to do.

Gentlemen, you need to teach your daughters, wives or SOs, how to pump gas. You might think they don't, they do. Not all guys are as nice as the guy that helped the two ladies, some would laugh then walk away. Take the time to show them how to pump gas. I only know one state that actually has gas station attendants to pump gas that is New Jersey.

Make it a teachable moment. You teach them how to drive remember to show them how to fill the tank!

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  1. Very good point about helping and teaching.

    When my children (1 boy and 1 girl) were old enough to get their learners permit, I required them to read the vehicle manual that came with the car. I then quizzed them on what they read and had them point out different instruments on the instrument panel as well as under the hood for simple repairs. I also taught them how to check the oil level, air pressure in the tires, windshield washer fluid, and how to change a tire. Remember once they start driving, a number of situations may come up that you can not help them with.

    For example daughter and some of her friends were driving to one of their college football games when they got a flat tire. She actually got the car jacked up and was ready to change it when somebody came by to do the rest of the dirty work. No way I could help, because she was about 700 miles away.

    Neither she or my sone are "patsies" for some of the sleazy mechanics that exist in the business, because she knows some of the basic mechanics of the cars she has owned and knows when to hav them serviced. Except for the flat tire and a dead battery that I could help her with, she has had no mechanical problems while driving.