Behavior Modification

The childish games you sissies play when it comes to your wanking!
Every good sissy should learn self control, and how to not loose her girlishness in the afterglow of such activities. Orgasm is no reason to take off your panties and forget you're a sissy!
Much to my suspect, it has become very apparent that most of you pathetic sluts actually wank your little clitties on a daily basis! This clearly shows how poorly trained you sissies really are!
Obviously, you have yet to be taught that your oversized clitoris is owned. By your Superior even though it is attached to your body.
Because you have shown such a selfish attitude of placing your pleasures above those of your Superior, She requires you to cease all masturbation activities until a schedule is planned.

You need a Superior, and a schedule. No to self pleasure unless given permission.


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