'easing' into 24/7

First I need to thank friends over at pantiesetc.com for all my birthday wishes. You all are so good to me and thoughtful.

This is a posting from www.pantiesetc.com
Idea for 'easing into 24/7
"Here's a little idea for those not completely comfortable with jumping into wearing 24/7/365. Instead of throwing out all but an emergency pair or two of male underwear, throw out all but 6 pair. If you do laundry once a week, you will be forced to wear something other than your male underwear one day per week. If you let your laundry go for longer than that, you will have to wear "something" for each day it goes undone. If you need male underwear for the entire week, you can always do laundry a day or two early. If you want to add more "risk," you could always drop down to 5 pairs of male undies, etc. "

I think this is such a good way to get into wearing 24/7. But this is my response.

My response:
easing! can anyone really ease into wearing panties? Just do it! Until it becomes an everyday 'habit'. You know your daily routine. Will there ever come a day or time during your day when if caught in panties might prove to be inappropriate. I write this post because a friend that I do share panties with picks and chooses days not to wear panties because of his profession. He works with many guys that need to follow his 'orders'. In my friends mind if his guys found out he wears panties they might begin to question his authority. Really, how secretive are you when it comes to wearing panties? In my opinion you alone decide how often you want to wear panties.I am certain when at work 9 to 5 their are people you would prefer not to know you wear panties or lingerie at all.

I never thought about 'easing' into the pantie fetish.

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  1. i wear panties when i am in the mood,mostly at bedtime so i can fully appreciate the relaxation i get ,although i do wear during the day when i get the urge.i really dont need to have people around me knowing what i have for undies,i wear mens hanes bikinis ,they are about as close to panties as you can get,about the only difference is the waistband,also their string bikinis come pretty close to womans also.