I Didn't Know

Maybe you had realized or knew this but I didn't. I watch the fuel gauge to be certain I don't run out of gas but that is all. As I was driving home from school the other day I was listening to xm radio station that was doing a segment called 'thankful to God for...' you fill in the rest. A guy called in and began to explain that he is thankful for the little arrow on the gas gauge. I immediately looked at the gas gauge and yes I did have the arrow. What I heard next made so much sense. The arrow points to the side of the car where the little door is to pump gas into your car. Now did you know that, I didn't. Why doesn't the car salesperson point that out. It's trivial but worth knowing, right! Look at the picture see the arrow! That isn't the gauge in my car but it has the little arrow.

Now you may laugh at me and that is okay but I never noticed the arrow before and I have had times where I had to stop a minute, think which side of the car needs to be closet to the gas pump.

So the next time you get in the car look at the little gas pump, look for the little arrow, duh! I hope I gave you a laugh just now. enjoy.

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  1. Not necessarily true. On my 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager, the needle does point to the proper side when it is approaching empty.

    On my 2007 Toyota Camry it points to the opposite side of the car from the fuel filler door.

    So it all depends on the make and model of the car and perhaps the year it was manufactured.