I was sent a hub page that I find curious. I am not a follower of the author of the hub page. It wasn't titled purging or throwing away your lingerie. Have you ever been asked to purge or stop wearing lingerie/panties? Have you ever had your gf or wife or family ask you to stop wearing lingerie?
I have been asked how to tell your gf or wife and family but I haven't been asked how to stop the bf or husband from wearing lingerie. The other question I have for you do you want to stop wearing lingerie? Is purging, getting rid of your stash the way you halt your desire for wearing lingerie? If you purge how do you feel about buying new items to satisfy your need?

What do you all think? Do you have any support from your gf or wife? Is it toleration or acceptance or something else? Has your desire changed the relationship you have with gf or wife? If so have you sought out others for support and acceptance?

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