Has anyone noticed

that the days are getting longer. I have! Its not so much the mornings right now because I still leave the apartment when it is dark outside and when I am about half way to school that is when the sun comes up. Since I am late leaving school 2 afternoons a week, I have noticed the sun is still up but setting at 5:30 PM. At 5:30PM if all is well I should be home so it is a good feeling to see the sun is shining. I know that spring can't be very away. Even with the very cold temperatures and the snow/ice from our Christmas snow storm. Spring is coming.

Yesterday at school we had a committee come to school to help decide if we are a school to watch. This is a very prestigious award for any school. As we were cleaning up the library at the end of the day, the tulips (purple and yellow) school colors, the question was what do with them. I love flowers, i will need to get to the grocery store to purchase more flowers, a treat for myself. I was asked to bring home the purple and yellow tulips. They are a sign that spring will be arriving soon, even if the tulips were delivered from a warmer climate. The tulips sit near my desk among my Christmas decorations they still need to be put away.

Spring is coming and soon we will be setting out clocks forward. Irony is I love snow! Now we need fresh snow.

Enjoy your day.

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