The Black Bra

To wear a black bra, you must be daring. To wear a black bra, you must be bold. In wearing a black bra, you come to understand that although lingerie lies next to your skin, safely tucked away under your outer clothing, it is nevertheless a very real presence. The man who wears a black bra is a man who has mastered the arts of lingerie, he is one with the essential nature of lingerie.

Black lingerie is stylish, timeless and often lasts a great deal longer than lighter colored lingerie which becomes discolored over time and in the wash as dyes from other items of clothing invariably find their way through the aqueous medium in your wash tub and stain pale fabrics a darker color.

Anyone can purchase and wear a black bra, but only the man who has devoted serious time to his study of the nature of lingerie can wear a black bra with total confidence. He knows how the black bra can be hidden for stealth effect, he knows how it can be subtly displayed as a means of lingerie pride, and he knows how it can be shown in all its glory for full effect.

If you happen to be a man who loves lingerie, a black bra is an essential part of your wardrobe, but it is not a part of your wardrobe that you should wear lightly. Many have tried on black bras and many have failed the challenges that come with being a wearer of a black bra.

In order to successfully wear the black bra in a subtle fashion, you must have a deep understanding of the opacity of your outer garments. Is that shirt somewhat translucent under fluorescent lights? Will it give away your secrets if someone takes a picture with a powerful flash? Is there even the remotest possibility that today, somebody will throw a bucket of water over your head, and will your outerwear stand up to the challenge if that happens?

The black bra is perhaps one of the most beauteous pieces of lingerie. It comes in many forms, sometimes soft and padded, sometimes delicate and lacy, sometimes closing at the front, sometimes closing at the back, sometimes with adjustable straps that can be swapped around to form a halter bra. Do not underestimate the potential complexity of the black bra. Respect it, and wield it as you would any other totem of potent femininity.

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  1. Sublime. Is this advice or satire?

    "Respect it, and wield it as you would any other totem of potent femininity." That seems out of place. I don't think I ever recall you writing that lingerie was feminine. Before it seems you were gender neutral. The articles were pretty, sexy, etc. It seems to contradict your desire for masculine men. Does this reveal a latent desire to "sissify" them?

  2. By no means would I want to sissify any guy. I love masculine guys in sheer and lace bra and panties. OMG, now my hands are getting itchy!. To run my hands over hard nipples in a bra and precious parts in panties. Damn! you have gotten my hands really itchy. I do love my sexy lace, sheer, embroidered bras and panties. I would share those items with my panty love. They have been sent as far away as Germany and as close as an hour away. Would wearing a sexy lace sheer bra make you feel different?

  3. Would wearing a sexy lace sheer bra make [me] feel different? No, but wearing a sexy lace sheer BLACK bra might!

    So many ways to take that question. Wear it where? In bed? To work? For what reason? An otherwise vanilla woman asking because she liked it or under the orders of a dominate?

    Does wearing panties or bra make me feel like a woman? NO. I'm only an occassional dabbler and have never worn any female clothing in front of a partner.

    I'd guess I'd probably feel embarrassed because part of the disappointment of cross dressing is women's lingerie doesn't look good on me. Nor can I recall it looking good on any man. It might feel good, but it looks silly.

    There are two exceptions. I've discovered boy shorts can comfortably contain the equipment and still nicely fit the butt. The second, I can nip out through a sport bra, tank and winter turtle neck. That is pretty sexy!

    But if you're not interested in feminizing a fella, then what's the point of them wearing lingerie when not with you? Why do you encourage wearing bra and panties to work?

  4. I have encouraged my pantie luv to wear panties during his work day, but I know he doesnt. The reason being he doesn't want to get caught by the guys in his work crews. He fears that his image as boss would be ruined! I encourage the wearing of panties, bra, lingerie really any time wearing lingerie when it makes you feel good, relaxed, less stressful and wanting to play with your SO, gf or wife. Wearing lingerie may not be an every day happening but I know I would love my luv to wear as often as he would like.

  5. Hmmmmm. You do realize that you didn't answer the question, don't you?

    Why do you encourage wearing panties to work? What's in it for you?

    Are you sure it's not just a bit of control? Domination? Feminization? The power of knowing that what's between your ears and between your legs will make a big strong man wear frilly nothings just because you asked?

    I repeat. Hmmmmm?

  6. I encourage wearing panties and bra to work because I would love to catch a guy in bra and panties. There isnt any chance of control or being dominant or feminization. If that should happen then that is a guy not secure in his masculinity. Not a guy with guy attitude. I wouldnt want to my pantie luv to cave in to my fantasies. Then he truly isnt a 100% male guy. That guy isnt someone I would want to see in panties. My pantie luv is 100% male and at times I know he humors me!

  7. Oh, I see. You want another woman to catch your dude in panties. Want to pull the other one now?

    I guess why isn't that important. If you're having fun, that's what counts.

  8. Its not fun in the sense to embarass but for my pleasure as well my guys pleasure. Also it is part of his life style. Which I totally enjoy. You really don't know how exciting, arousing and pleasurable it is for me to see any guy in lingerie but especially someone I know. But I also know that my pantie luv wears lingerie to please me as much as himself.
    Get yourself purple panties to please me and wear them tomorrow! Purple is my favorite color. Please!

  9. I do wear a black bra specifically for the reason that it can be seen under thin tops.

  10. Hi, I posted a pic of myself in purple panties over at my blog. Well, they're more of a lavender, but hope you like it anyway!

  11. i told my wife i want to wear a bra all the time. she accepts it and has given me some to wear. i love the feel but have a problem trying to hide it when im out with her.
    how can i hide it form being seen.