Silk Panties

They have finally arrived in the mail from ebay. I received a card from my mailman telling me to pick up a registered piece of mail. I couldn't imagine who would have sent me a registered letter. Today I went to the post office to find out what was the item. As soon as I saw the package I knew what was in the envelope. I just smiled and couldn't wait to make a quick call to my pantie luv. I guess because it had come through customs it probably required that I sign for the package. Anyway I signed for the package and left the post office.

I walked to my car and made that phone call to my pantie luv. I left a message because it is the weekend and we usually don't talk on the weekends. I had to tell him what arrived in the mail. I didn't want to disturb him but i had to make a second call to him to make certain I had his correct mailing address.

So on Monday after school is out, I will be sending some of those silky beautiful panties to him. I will encourage him to dress up so we can play. I can testify that these panties are soft and silky and my pantie luv will love them.

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  1. Remember...Silk panties don't stretch so be sure to wear the proper size.