Silk Panties II

Good Morning,
I wanted to leave this posting after my pantie luv has had some time with his new silk satiny panties. He did get them quicker then the Post Office Mistress said that he would which is good. When I got out of school there was a phone message waiting for me to call him. The instructions on the envelope was to slip only his hand into the envelope and he did just that and got an instant hard on. He is so sensual.
He has had those silk panties for several days now. He now dresses up for him me at the office. I know he gets nervous about this but I know he knows i love it when he dresses for me. This one morning he was in the silk panties and bra. Ohhh he looked so ready to play. So easy just to cup his already semi hard cock and encourage it to a full hard erection, to just stroke it for him as he panted and moaned with pleasure. It didn't take long for my lips to caress his pantied covered cock teasing the milk to drip for me, then for me to push those panties to the side and let my mouth cover his cock and lick and suck his cock into submission. Giving me a mouthful to swallow.
With the cell phones now ringing, can only get a few quick minutes in before the work day begins. But now with his silk panties there will be more office visits and phone calls.

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