A New Friend

Good Morning,
That is correct, a new friend. Who asked for and received panties from me. Remember me mentioning that my panties did go as far as Germany and the UK but recently my panties have gone a little bit further East! You might even say very close to sand. Lots of sand. We have emailed alittle bit back and forth but yesterday we were both online at the same time. That is definitely a coincidence since he is 8 hours into my future. I know he loves my red panties and I have encouraged him to wear them not just play with them. I think he told me he had put them on but not certain if he had acutally had them on over his ass, cock and balls wearing them for a few hours. I always encourage my friends to wear my panties. Now back to yesterday, I can't imgine what it must be like to be in a combat area where sexual gratification maybe taboo. He has told me how horny he has been. Yesterday we made a phone connection. I knew he was busy doing his writing but we did manage a few minutes to play. He played behind locked doors in a Major's office. I did cum for him several times, wet, hot and messy, he did also. What I really want from him, is for him to dress for me in panties, bra, garterbelt with stockings be my sissy soldier.
I need to be honest, this soldier isnt the first to get my panties. I know of a Marine that was in Hondorus then sent to the East that also got my panties. Even before he left on his second tour he received some personal attention.

For my new friend , good luck in the 5K send me your pink t shirt.

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