Latex panties

Did I mention that I purchased latex panties. I have a friend who is as a kinky as they come. He is bi which I love. I want to be his neighbor and enjoy the view into his yard from my back deck but that is a fantasy since he lives in Australia, way down under. But anyway I purchased the panties to see what he was always talking about. They have arrived in the mail, much quicker then I expected. I need to purchase some talc to slip these panties on or they might rip. These are molded panties. I would also like to get latex panties that aren't molded these would be stitched together, they would look more like panties you would purchase at the department store. On the site my bi friend sent to me there are other lovely items I would love to purchase including a latex corset. There is something about the shine and form fitting of latex that is so sensual.

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