Men in Shorts

I have a question do you wear shorts. if so, how short are your shorts? And do you have great looking legs? go ahead leave a post, please


  1. My shorts are usually down to mid-thigh or slightly longer. As for how my legs look, never really thought about their looks, but guess they are about average.

  2. I have several pairs of shorts of varying lengths. The longest are cargo shorts that go to my knees, a few others that are probably 7", a few women's short-shorts with almost no length. Same for my running shorts - some are longer for cold weather and others are very short for the heat.

  3. I too wear varying length of shorts. My wife says my legs look better than hers - so...they must be ok. I do not shave them though. :)


  4. For outdoors, my shorts are at knee length.
    At home, they are usually mid thigh or above the knees.