Good Morning,
It's snowing, lots of it! There is probably about 7" outside now with more to come. I enjoy a great a snow storm, haven't seen a storm like this since the 2003 in Front Royal. I probably won't be going to school on Monday. Now snow days is another topic all together, if I am home from school on Monday, I'll leave a posting.

Being snow bound for the day has me itching to get outside and listen for the quiet. No one in the complex has started up a car which is a blessing, my neighbor has a big ole red diesel truck that makes enough noise to wake the dead! I am eating oatmeal, I make a good bowl of hot oatmeal. Lots of milk and sugar to sweeten the cereal. Before eating I did a little straightening up, since I can't get out to begin or finish Christmas shopping. That is correct I have procrastinated for so long now I am worried I won't be ready for Christmas. I am ready for Christmas in my faith and belief in Jesus but no so when it comes to my family. I will need to be super organized when the storm moves on.

So what are we all doing when snow bound? How many of you are looking at the forecast and cursing the snow? or sitting back watching the latest CMT music videos? Dressed ready to attack, what? Undressed (in a nightie or pajamas) deciding should I dress or stay comfortably dressed after showering? Hmm choices! I am in a nightie but I will shower and dress comfortably. Then I think I will embroidery green napkins for a gift, I did the embroidery for our library volunteers. Then straighten up a little and do some decorating for Christmas.

I have other ways to spend a day like this but that friend is out checking trees, lines and roads to be certain no one loses their power, cable or internet connections!

So tell me, leave a posting how are you spending the day with a snow storm raging outside? Part of being prepared for Christmas is to sit back and enjoy life, not getting caught up in the panic and rush.
Merry Christmas, N

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