Men Should Shave

6 Convincing Reasons Why Men Should Shave

Woman were asked to share with us why a few of them preferred a man who shaves and we gathered their talks and came up with the 6 Most Important Reasons Why They Prefer a Shaved Men.

1. It makes his erection look bigger. Yes, which papi doesn't want to look enormous and ready to produce some serious pain? Men and big go together like plump olives in martinis so tell your man if he wants to look bigger (than he already is of course cause that sentence alone can open a can of worms lol) suggest to him to shave so you can enjoy the whole view of his elephant trunk! An erection can be a gorgeous sight when we can view the penis and scrotum nicely ready for some action!

2. No hairs allow for more sensation!
I've heard that some men feel more sensations when they have no hairs and I could see why. The skin is bare and more prone to sensitivity. Ladies, haven't you noticed more sensitivity when you shave? I agree that a bare skin is more sensitive so I'm sure the same will be for the man!

3. How sensitive is his scrotum? Ladies, men love their scrotum caressed because it's a very sensitive area. The art to a toe-curling ----- is to never forget that the scrotum needs some mouth and hand TLC just like the penis. It's the man's second most erogenous spot and when it's hair-free its so inviting. The hairs in that area will cause odor and sweat and he might as well put some police tape and trust me, women will cross it cause it's not inviting!

4. It's cleaner Like we've said on here, hygiene is one of the most important reasons why we women groom ourselves and it should be the same with men. Hairs produce sweat and who wants to put her precious face on some sweaty pubes? Hairs produce sweat and body odor and that is not something we want to go near!

5. Women want to see that its healthy Ladies, let me clear this one. A clean and apparent healthy penis doesn't mean that he doesn't carry an STD or some illness. That's why Chlamydia is so common, it's undetected and produces no symptoms. But a very trimmed or hair-less penis takes the guess work of wondering if he has some unsightly critters hiding in the jungle.

6. It's more appealing and inviting to the eye A clean, very trimmed or hair-less penis is very sexy and inviting. It looks glorious and so healthy and we want to caress it with our hands and mouth and enjoy every inch of it. We want la cosa (translation: the thing) to be in full bloom and glistening so we can caress it and touch it and wonder around in those other erogenous areas that we may overlook when they're covered in hair.
(from Shine)

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  1. I love shaving, feels wonderful all bare and smooth, my chest, underarms, between my butt checks, thighs, tummy and well...down there too.

    I keep cleaner I think and I've discovered another amazing feeling (women's secret) lingerie feels amazing against my bare/smooth body...especially 'down there' the sensitivity is just wonderful.

    I know it's a pain shaving all the time...but it's worth it.

    Sex is even better all bare and smooth, women have commented they like it...who wants hair in their teeth anyway right? I love going down on a bare shaven pussy...and it feels great when a woman goes down on me as well...heightened sensitivity.

    So boys and girls...think just how much 'clean fun' you both can have in the shower together...lathering up, shaving each other (some parts) other parts are better left to be done say butt on towel in bed.