Good Morning,
VPL or visible pantie lines. Being who I am I dont like to see pantie lines on women. For me I take care in what I look like before walking out the door. I do check myself to be certain everything looks just right. I am not a quick shopper, it takes me forever, to make clothing decisions, it has to be just the right color, fit, style etc. Its time to purchase the correct size, a piece of clothing might be too tight or too small just doesnt look good. Look in the dressing room mirror and purchase a full length mirror for your home. Give yourself that once over critical look and ask yourself do I look good in what i am wearing? I wish more women would take that last minute before leaving the house to check themselves. Do that last minute twirl. I have also learned to wear slips, full and half, (black and white), camisoles, and something new that I recently purchased it wasnt a girdle but a under garment to smooth out all the bumps and lumps our bodies go through as we age. I am not saying I am ancient but I have 3 children, that I gave birth to and breast fed.
Anyway back to VPLs. Over the years I have looked at many guys trying to find that one or more guys that do wear panties. I know you guys are around but you all are so discreet that I havent found you in my neighbor. I want to view and feel your behind when you are wearing panties, slide my hands down the back of your slacks, touching your firm butt knowing you are in panties. So every once in awhile go ahead drag on those worn out jeans and let me see you wearing panties. It would be a treat for me, I am a people watcher.

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