Sexy Legs

This is a picture of my Aussie friend. We have been chatting online for awhile now. I love his legs in stockings and heels. The heels and stockings define his gorgeous legs. My Pantie Luv also has stockings that I purchased for him. His stockings are white opaque with little bows on the top. He wears a garter belt with them but the garter belt isn't necessary for the stockings but it does add the sexy sensualness of our times together. I love to touch his legs feel the silkiness of the stockings as I slip my hand up to his thigh. That all leads to more touching and playing. I admit he likes to slip his hands up my legs to feel the silkiness of my stockings. I rarely wear pantyhose but more often when I am teaching. I feel more comfortable when I am with my students with pantyhose on then when I am in a garter belt and stockings. I do wear the more sexy lingerie when I want to feel sexier on a particular day. I do dress for myself.

Guys wear stockings for the same reason us girls do. To have shapely sexy legs. We love to show off our legs especially when we wear heels. I don't wear skirts or dresses that fall below my knees. Its only because I want my legs to be seen. Is it the same reason guys wear the short skirts and shorts to have their legs noticed as well? So please wear the stockings or pantyhose. Purchase them the same way I do by height and weight. Then don't be afraid to touch the samples offered by the different stores, different brands have a different feel, usually price increases the silkier they feel to your touch.

Oh my his legs are just so beautiful.

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  1. Fine hosiery makes most all legs look better, and feel better. By all means touch the samples, and get the hosiery ladies to help you. And give the more expensive brands a try. Hosiery fits vary by brand and model. There's more than one to fit everyone out there, so enjoy!