Today is a day off for me, school is closed due to the federal holiday. As I sit here in the comfy of my apartment wondering what my pantie guy is doing this fine morning. I was going to call him but thought at the last minute he maybe working. I didn't want to disturb him at work especially if he has any of his crews around. I do know he gets aroused when he hears my voice. I do think it is time to once again go pantie shopping for him, just to remind him want is important on days when the school is closed!

He doesn't send me photos of himself and over the times we have played we haven't taken photos. I would love to have a photo of him all dressed in panties and bra, he being so rugged and masculine he gets me aroused when dressed in panties, bra and other lingerie. Speaking of lingerie I think I have more of his lingerie at my place then he has at his place. I will be talking with him today, its time for more play time. I do mean PLAY time.

Photos,hmmm. So easily shared now more then ever. I have many photos. I mean alot. Most were sent to me by guys from the different forums I belong to and some I have found. I love guys in panties so I am pleased that they trust me enough to send me their photos. I don't share any photos unless I ask their permission before hand. I am respectful of their privacy and I am discreet. The photos I have are of guys that are rugged, masculine, sexy and sensual guys. Their professions run from being the carpenter to executives, to police officers and military officers, what they do for a living is of no consequence for me but they are a guy. Some are as young as 25 and others are retired from their professions. It isn't their age but just how sexy, sensual they are in their lingerie.

I do have one gentleman who actually pays me to keep his photos in a separate folder. In away I keep them hostage for payment. It is a arousing and sensual for him to know that I can expose him to the world at one simple click of my mouse. Each month I get paid a fee to keep them in his folder, safe and sound away from prying eyes of the world. I tell him what I want and he does the photographing. I have him in red ribbons and bows for Christmas, red lipstick and panties with bra on Valentine's Day and others of him in various poses with panties and bra on.

Take your photos enjoy yourself, post them to a forum so I may enjoy them as well. Photos I post here are with permission from my pantie guys. The photo posted here is my pantie friend after I have convinced him to wear panties to work under his suit. What would the other guys at the office think, if they knew he was a pantie wearing guy?

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  1. Do you have a Flickr account? If so, I have pictures to share!