Snow Day!!!

Yes, today is a snow day! All the hype for snow and I finally get a snow day. It does feel good to wake up and hear that your school is closed due to weather. I get to sleep in a bit longer. I am really not a morning person but had to learn to do that because of my profession. I love teaching but just wish the day didn't begin so early in the morning.

But let me get on with this posting. On mornings like this I get to play alittle bit more. Hitting the high climax and sexual, sensual peak. I did reach the sexual peak several times this morning. If you know me from other forums then you know where I keep toys that give pleasure. Today one special play toy got to play hard bringing me to several high peaks. They say a guy needs to view pictures or videos and have sound to get himself off. I don't know if that is true but I do know I can visualize a soft cock, wrapping my hands around it, stroking it so that is becomes firmer, letting my tongue and teeth slip up and down with the cock getting firmer yet. The feel of his balls in my hands as I gently touch and squeeze. Allowing my tongue to taste and mouth to swallow. I slip a toy into myself and slide it out, over and over using another toy to fill my mouth and yet another toy to hit the spot to really set the orgasm in motion. And to keep the climax going taking away toys, resting, listening to music only to repeat the actions to reach yet another plateau.

That is how I spent 4 hours this morning, playing on a snow day. After the last orgasm I realized I had to pee. Now if my Pantie Luv was here, he would have said go ahead pee on me. I would have knowing that is one desire he has had for me to pee on him. But because of his profession he was up early ready to repair lines (wires) just in case the lines came down due to the snow and ice.

It's not to say I wont play more as the day progresses, I probably will. I will even try to put a call through to him. When we play I know it is a stress releaser and he can continue on with his day more relaxed with less stress.

My Pantie Luv will be here, his favorite panties and lingerie waiting for him.

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