Panties comes in various fabrics. I will get to style and colors at another time. Fabric is what touches our skin as we slip our panties on, up over our calves, thighs and finally to our hips or waist depending on the style. I know some of you prefer cotton panties. I do own cotton panties I wear them when it is very hot, usually in the summer months. The feel of satin or nylon on those days isnt comfortable. The fabric that probably most of us have in panties is nylon/ satin type. Some may have bows, lace and embroidery,ruffles or many other adornments.
So what is the big deal with fabrics, none really except when purchasing panties touch, feel the fabric. Dont look in one store's lingerie department go to several stores each store has panties but feel the softness, pass your hand over the panties as you pass by them, slide the pantie over your hand and arm do you like the feel of the fabric. The store you shop at speaks alot about the quality of the fabrics which the panties and lingerie are made from. Touch and feel the differences in each store before making that purchase. When in the mall visit all the stores before making a purchase. For me a few really nice, soft beautiful panties is better then hundreds that don't feel soft or sit in a drawer or at the back of the closet not to be slipped on over legs and butt.
As I explained to my son last week about bed sheets, the higher the thread count the softer the bedsheet and the more expensive it is. The same holds true of panties/ lingerie. Take my advice shop for your panties wisely purchase your panties and lingerie by feel and touch not price. Its the fabric that rubs against your skin don't you want the fabric to be soft,enticing, and arousing not just the right size!?


  1. Good advice! Touch and feel is much of lingerie's appeal for some of us.

    The good lingerie sales ladies know this. I've found that if you mention fabrics and feel, they immediately start showing you things, putting their hands inside, and then asking you to do the same "doesn't that feel nice?" they say. I had a hosiery lady run me all over her department, opening new packets as well as using the samples they have. She loved hosiery herself, and it was very obvious. She must have offered me 20 different products to feel, noting it was even better when you had them on! She made some sales that day.

    I've also had a lingerie lady offer me all kinds of panties to feel the differences, especially in how lace can be very soft. I learned there's no substitute for quality lingerie, and high price doesn't always mean the best. Cheap is rarely very nice, though.

    The sales people often seem to really enjoy what they do. Can't say as I blame them!

  2. BTW, I know this blog entry is several years old. I'd suggest you try some good, slinky microfibre panties on hot days, they will be a lot cooler than cotton. Microfibres can wick away perspiration, so you remain very dry and comfy. They also can feel very nice! Try Tactel fabric, Jockey and Wacoal both have plenty in that. good luck!