New Bed

I get a new bed today, it is quite expensive, I got sticker shock when I saw the cost of new matress and boxspring. Its been so long since I purchased a bed, I couldnt believe it.
But I did it! I also purchased a head and foot board to go along with it. I was tired of my bed looking like it was still at the show room.
So now I am waiting for the delivery. When it is all set up I will post a picture of it.

Monday, the place gets a new coat of paint. I am so unsure of colors but I hope the one I selected will transition nicely from the living area to the kitchen/dining area. It will take some time to get everything together and in place. I don't want to rush to make purchases then realize I don't like what I have purchased.

I thought I had phone service, only to plug the phone into the wall and realize I don't have any service. No longer does a repairman come out to check the line, I need to do that, if i ask for a repairman from the phone company to come out, it is a additional cost. When did customers become the repair person? So now I hope I can check out the phone myself to find out if it is the house wiring or the wiring coming into the town house! I was even told if it is raining don't do anything, damn when did I become the repair person?

the bed is here now, now to assemble and check out the phone service
that is my new bed, i love it. this week the place gets painted a beautiful lavendar color for the bedroom.

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  1. Straymoon:

    Good luck on your new bed. You are right about being pricey. I have an air support bed much like the famous/overpriced Selectcomfort bed advertised so often on TV.
    Nice in that one can adjust the air pressure in the mattress to their tastes from firm to softer and see what they like. I sure like it better than any of the box spring and mattresses I had in the past including a couple of pillowtop mattresses.

    As to when you became the telephone repairman, that happened many years ago, not long after gas stations all became self-service stations. You could do what many people have done, and that is do away with the landline into your home and use a cellphone for all your phone needs. That way only one company to get billed and taxed from, since taxes and fees have gotten out of hand with utilities of all types in the past decade or two.

    P.S. sure would like to help break your new mattress in while wearing panties with you.

    I wish I could help you break in your new bed