Pantie Luv

Today was a day that has been planned then postponed, then planned again and postponed, today it happened. We are both busy with our work day, there are times its impossible to take time off from work. What is so cool he is so understanding about my work, how important it is to me, a part of who I am. Just as his work is a part of him.

I can't say I l__e him, then it would definitely put a burden on our relationship. My pantie luv is a guy I would want to come home to after a day at school, we chat everyday, some days as early as 5:30 in the morning. Other days not until 7 am and still other days not at all. When we don't talk I miss his voice and conversation. I can't call his cell phone to hear his voice because he doesn't leave a message when you call to leave a message. We chat about everything, you name the topic we have chatted about it. There are some topics we don't discuss for example when it comes to hockey not at all, just the same for NASCAR. Its not something I don't know about but as I expressed to him, how can continually making left hand turns be so fascinating. I am certain there is strategy for all sports but making left hand turns for how many laps??? it is something I would love to try, going over 100 miles/hour would be so cool but for how many laps?.

But what is really cool by looking at him you would never know that he reads. His profession wouldn't lend itself to think he reads books! or that he, like me loves to listen to Celtic and country music. When I found out, I said to myself one more thing we have in common. We share books even at 5:30 am or at 4 pm in the afternoon as we are driving home. I don't know many guys who read for pleasure. Today we were together, we chatted more then played. That was why we were meeting today, to have fun together, play hard play easy in panties and lingerie. I love it when he models for me. He modeled a outfit today that as we were having lunch I thought he should have had his white stockings on with a garter belt. Next time the same outfit with stockings and garter belt. There is always a next time, this relationship is already 4 years old. He accepts me for who I am baggage and all. He has become a fan of Ebay. He makes purchases for himself and for me as well. I never had anyone do that for me. We have a trusting relationship a private relationship that so few know about. Neither of us share it with anyone, for one trying to tell anyone that I have a guy that loves to be in panties and lingerie, my friends would think I am crazy, a guy in panties! Ohhh, he looks so hot, hard nipples I get to lick and caress, a butt so smooth and round and a c__k that Is. He wouldn't mention his love of panties and lingerie to any of his friends or that we meet to play hard sexually. He is the boss and his crews would be astonished if they found out about his panties and possibly he would lose respect and the boss relationship from his guys at work. Then when it comes to the sexual playing who would understand because we aren't a vanilla couple by any means. Our society isn't accepting of guys in panties and possibly our hard rough sexual play.

Today was a good day. We played hard for several hours, had lunch, then parted. He did have to get back to work, especially if a new housing development wanted to be online or watch the Stanley cup playoffs. lol I guess we didnt have enough time to chat today because he called a couple more times today. We can talk for hours, but I think I mentioned that fact already.
enjoy your evening, N

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  1. Straymoon:

    It sure is nice to have such a friend to talk and hang around with that puts no pressure on you or him. I envy your friend and you for that nice relationship. I wish I was close enough to also be a friend (perhaps panty friend) like that with you.

    I have had a couple of friends in the past that we could talk about anything and there was no pressure. Had to move and the situations for us changed so that no contact anymore.

    I have had a friend since 2nd or 3rd grade (50+ years) that we keep in touch frequently even though he is in Maine and I am in Colorado. Nice to have friends like that even though there is no mention of lingerie or anything like that between us.