How to Put Together Stunning Lingerie Outfits

Wearing one or two pieces of lingerie is fun, but if you love lingerie, you're eventually going to start wanting to wear whole outfits. This is where this hub comes in, a guide for men who want to know how to put together top-to-toe lingerie outfits. This hub is an interesting one for me to write, because in my experience, men who love lingerie have a talent for putting together stunning lingerie outfits using a range of lingerie. So my first piece of advice is simply to trust your instincts. If you love pretty feminine things you probably already have a fairly good eye for fashion. Experiment and have fun!

The stock standard usual 'lingerie outfit' is one that is purchased as a set. You'll often find bra and panty sets that come with a matching garter belt, and if you pick up some stockings, well, then you've got a top-to-toe lingerie outfit just waiting to be worn. Likewise, bustiers quite often come with g strings and garter belts, with some bustiers having straps attached and acting as garters as well as bustiers What I'm trying to say is that if you're nervous about putting together a lingerie outfit for the first time, an 'off the shelf' outfit will create a nice look that you know will match.

However I have noticed that many men who love lingerie are not content to stay inside the boxes that lingerie designers set out for them. They happily mix and match pieces from various outfits to great dramatic effect. Here's a quick guide to breaking the rules when it comes to lingerie outfits.

Some fashionistas will tell you that the bra and panties must match. However, that is not always true, and sooner or later, you're going to come to a threshold in your lingerie wearing life where you're tempted to break that rule. Here's how you do it.

If you're going to break this rule, break it in one of two ways. Either have one bold piece, it can be either the panties or the bra, and then have the other be a neutral color to compliment. For example, if you have a bright red satin floral bra trimmed with pink lace, you can wear plain red satin panties without looking as if you've been dragged through a lingerie rack backwards. On the other hand, if you have a bright red satin floral trimmed bra and you put on some ratty old black cotton panties, the look won't be coherent.

Bold mismatches can also work if you use other elements to tie the outfit together. If we take the bright red satin floral trimmed with pink lace bra for instance, and put on some brilliant lime green panties, then you can still create an outfit that looks coherent by wearing a camisole that features both green and pink in it.

Alternatively, scrap the camisole idea and wear a pink / red garter belt with either green, red, or dark stockings. In an outfit like this, you've broken all the normal rules of lingerie wearing, but you've created a new outfit that works as a whole. The secret to creating coherent designs out of mismatched pieces is to echo themes in other elements of your outfit.

See how easy that was? If you buy a lot of lingerie (which plenty of men who wear lingerie do) you can start to break down and mix and match lingerie sets, creating vibrant and impressive looks that never so much as sparkled in the eyes of the designers who made the sets. Lingerie is about fun and self expression, so don't be afraid to break rules. You are the master of your lingerie destiny.

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