I have been here several times over the past day or 2 but just couldn't find the energy to leave a message. Back to school after Spring Break has been tough, a new home, everything in different places then where it was in my little apartment. Can't seem to get back into routine. And it has been hot, wait not just hot but HOT. Its a few days into April and the temperature at my school was in the 90's today! What happened to spring and gradually getting into the heat of the summer months. Even the library at school where my office is had been extremely warm. Teaching in a enclosed environment is tough and not just that but the building itself has its temperature regulated centrally with the rest of the schools in the district. So I am certain there is a school where it has been extremely cold. For me it is easier to put clothes on when chilled then removing clothing when its too hot. Which isn't possible at school.

Its Tuesday and I just remembered I will be beginning my professional development class tomorrow. The county I teach in is rich in history. And tomorrow I begin a class on black history beginning with slavery. I love local history. Virginia is so rich in history from the beginning in the 1400's to the present. Right now I am watching and listening to the History channel, the program is about how each state got its shape. I always wondered why all the states don't look alike, 'squares'. It's cool to know just how each state got its unique look. But from 30,000 feet you don't see the boundaries just beautiful country.

My life has been stange lately. I won't go into the fact that I thought I was locked out yesterday! Out of my new home! Or that when I came out of the store and couldn't find my car especially with it right in front of me. Go ahead smile, I am certain its happened to you. I got scared!

Anyway, I am going to put lunch together and pack a snack for class tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your night and your tomorrow. I do hope it is cooler then today.


  1. Evening,
    I had my first class tonight. Black History in the county I teach in. The first stop on the road trip was at a school built for the black children, the building is vacant and not being used. Then the 2nd stop was at a school built back in the 1880's for black children whose parents were freed slaves or the children themselves were slaves. The last stop this evening was a stop at Trevor Farms and got a chance to walk through what used to be slave quarters. Two buildings is such excellent condition that both these buildings can be used today as guest quarters. What terrific history. I think I am really going to enjoy this professional development class this spring.

  2. Sounds interesting, hope you post more along the way!

  3. I had my black history class on Monday. The class took a bus trip through some of the areas that were at one time 98% black. Went to visit a couple of churches that no longer have congregations. Went to another church on the Purcellvile area that feed us with a terrific home cooked meal. Saturday I have another class, it is also a bus trip to a museum.

  4. Today in my black History class we visited a museum that has primary sources documenting slaves, free slaves just lots of information on black history including segrated schools before they were desegrated in the late 60's.. At the muesum there was a cage used to transport slaves. The pictures I added are of the slave quarters and of the cage. So much black history isnt taught in the schools

  5. My African/American class met on Wednesday this past week. We visited several churches and graveyards. Had good bar-b-que. At one church in Middleburg the Deacon of the church spoke to us how life used to be in the 50's and 60's, how life was for him. I was rude enough to ask his age. He is 58 yrs old. Which got me to thinking I am a few years younger then him but i hadnt had his life experiences growing up. I grew up in NJ, had indoor plumbing and went to school with kids from the neighborhood. There wasnt separate schools for black kids. Everyone on the block walked to school together, we played all kinds of games together, visited each others homes, and even had dinner at each others homes. The Deacon at this church grew up so differently then me. It was the same era but so different. To think that NJ and Virginia are only a few hundred miles apart but life was so different for each of us. Even today afew days after meeting I am still amazed about the difference in growing up.