Underground Railroad

This will be the last post of the class I was taking, African Americans, slavery and education of free slaves. todays bus trip took us to a couple of slave graveyards ( flag markers). Then the last stop on the bus trip was a stop on the underground railroad. It is unusual for anyone to have a marker of the underground railroad. The routes of the underground railroad was never marked for fear of retribution.

I am glad I took this class even though on many class days I didn't get home until very late. I also learned that growing up in the north (NJ/NY) I didn't know of segregated schools but people of my same age went to segregated schools in Virginia. Life was different north and south of the Mason/Dixon line.
Now to wait for the fall classes to be listed, I want to take the next class on the civil war.

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  1. I visited the home of the first president, General George Washington over the holiday weekend. I was very much impressed with the decor, the vivid colors of each of the rooms and the closeness of the Potomac River to the home. I knew the General had slaves but didnt know it! There are slave quarters on the grounds along with a burial memorial to the slaves. Where was I when I was in high school learning American History or perhaps this part was left out of the curriculum.