Look at yourself

Its after lunch,
I left a posting a few days ago about pantyhose. The need to wear pantyhose to have that finished look when going out. I did make that mistake recently but quickly corrected it by putting on pantyhose when I got where I was going. I wish I had stockings with me. Even in summer there are stockings/pantyhose made for the summer season. I know ladies are wearing skirts longer these days. I don't. As a matter of fact I purchased a denim skirt that needs to be hemmed so that it falls just at my knees. I cant imagine myself wearing anything longer. But back to the long skirts. Even if i had to wear a dress that was to the floor or mid calf, I would need to wear pantyhose or stockings. I wouldn't want to have a gust of wind blow up and have my skirt caught in the breeze to show that I wasn't wearing stockings or pantyhose but knee highs or bare legs! Knee highs are meant to be worn with slacks not skirts of any length. I would recommend purchasing stockings or pantyhose that are of a summer weight to give yourself that complete finish look.

I don't own flip flops, none. I do have sandals, a few pairs of them. It seems flip flops no matter the color or style have made a permanent mark on the dress of today. Rarely is there a dress code that is enforced by the employer but perhaps we shouldn't wait for a dress code but once again look at ourselves; ask what impression we want to give to others. Or what message is our dress saying about us. Who are the others, they can be a future partner, employer, colleague or just a person you meet.

I am a observer, I watch people. A style of dress which I had hoped had fazed out is the jeans that hang below the butt cheeks. I have seen boys try to run holding up the jeans, I have witnessed boys not being able to walk down the hall but waddle because their legs cant move with the crotch of the jeans so low and I once had a Principal hand out lengths of rope when boys at school refused to buy the appropriate size or wear a belt.

Make a good impression, look at yourself in the mirror or your reflection, what does it say about you?

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