Headlights or...


I don't purposely look at myself in the mirror when I get dressed. I don't own a full length mirror to really look at myself after I am dressed. I check myself in the bathroom mirror or with the mirror that is over the dresser, which is waist high. That's it. I don't really check myself out in my reflection either. I guess it is a confidence or self concept issue. Either way I don't look at my reflection.

I wear bras that are lace and embroidered very few of my bras are fill fabric. Even my bras that don't have seams in the cups don't hide hard nipples. The other day I happen to glance at my reflection in a window and saw my nipples. I couldn't believe what I saw. I didn't feel cold or have a chill after being in AC for a few minutes but yes my nipples were showing. I was wearing a blouse, the blouse coordinated with the skirt I wore the other day (pantyhose). I don't personally have a problem with my nipples showing through my blouse and bra but then again I don't try to make it obvious either, it just happens. This day my nipples were showing through the blouse, I didn't have a sweater or jacket to put on to warm up myself. I shrugged my shoulders and dealt with the hard nipples. Perhaps it was a good show for some guys.

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