i push my head back read to suck c--k and lick balls
moving over to lick lips
pulling the lips apart
moving back to a semi erect c--k
licking up and down taking the c--k into my mouth tasting the beginnings of pleasure
i enjoy both p---y and c--k which do i want more when both are at my pleasure and disposal
listening to the moans of the p---y owner i pull the lips apart and insert a dildo
licking and sucking a c--k is my pleasure
caressing balls
slipping fingers into pleasure areas
taking the dildo and riding the pussy in and out
the scent of a warm
pulling lips apart again rubbing her clit to hardness
licking and nibbling on her clit
f--king her pu--y with rubber dildo
f--king her p--sy with my tongue
taking her taste to sucking c--k licking balls pulling balls into my mouth

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