Fact or Fiction

I might need to clarify my postings. Well maybe not. For those who know me and venture to www.pantiesetc.com, then you know I have written some stories. All the stories are fiction with some truth to them. Not necessarily because of personal experiences. There are some postings here that are fact, my experiences or findings. Please don't confuse fiction from non fiction. I do have a email friend that loves to get 'down and dirty' with emails. I hadn't posted his emails here just my responses to them. His emails are sexually explicit more so then mine. Because of that I couldn't and wouldn't post them here. He loves my responses for personal sexual reasons, he gets off by them. He wears panties and other items but please know he is 100% masculine, tough and rugged. His wearing of panties and lingerie his a side of him primarily left at home. I had a conversation with him the other day, I asked when was the last time he wore panties and bra to work, I laughed because he had to think when was the last time. So hopefully when I get an email this week he will be wearing panties to work. I know when the office meetings begin and less field work, he will be to wearing panties. I might need to nudge him more often for him to wear lingerie to the office meetings, jackets and ties tend to hide bra straps and lace!

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