Panties and more

I posted 2 emails that were written back and forth to a friend. He wears panties weekly. He won't wear them every day, I have asked but the nature of his work, in his mind he can't afford to be 'caught' wearing panties. That's okay with me. When you are the boss of several crews you don't want to lose the respect of those people. The statement might be hypocritical to make but we all know our society has a terrible time accepting guys in panties. I know he doesn't want to lose the respect of his crews or chaos might occur. LOL

I am not certain why I like guys in panties. Maybe because it is taboo, for women only which is possible. If you haven't felt the smoothness of panties on a guys ass, or seen him get harder then a rock in them then you are missing out on some great play time. I realize over time panties became as natural to some guys as they do for me. It becomes an item of clothing that you wear daily. The excitement and arousal of panties wanes. When that occurs with me then I begin the search for new panties, different colors, styles, or sensual and sexy. Yes sensual and sexy. We all should have panties that are for arousing and playing but also panties for those hot sticky days of summer, the ordinary cotton unexciting panties/lingerie.

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