She looks up at me, her eyes excited and seductive. With a lascivious grin, she purses her lips and lowers them against the head of my cock. Slowly,
her pressured lips slide down his shaft, her tongue rhythmically flicking his underside in butterfly strokes, until he touches the back of her throat. She sucks; applying a vacuum, then presses her tongue hard into him, slowly pulling back until only his head remains.

She suckles as her long, delicate fingers circle his shaft with gentle presence, stroking him with pointed nails. She dislodges his head with a popping sound. Big, gorgeous eyes under dark lashes warm me, as a smile turns the corner of her lip.

She holds him in her left hand. Her right hand tickles my ball sac as she licks his underside like a lollipop. Her long hair spreads out around her, caressing my
bare legs. Her full lips, free of lipstick, are the color of her nipples, a glowing pink with blood engorged purple hue. She watches my face, smiling, flirting.

"Do you wish me to hurry?"
"No. Slowly."

She kisses him, circling his head with her tongue, pecking his blind eye as if trying to burrow there. Wide mouthed, she inhales, cooling his head with a
tantalizing breeze. Teeth under closed lips, taking him until again he strokes her back. She closes her eyes and moves, adjusting the angle of her throat.
She swallows. I feel the tightness of her throat around his head. Fluttering like the gills of a fish, her throat massages him, then pops him free, her tongue hard on his underside.

A sweat breaks on my upper lip; I leisurely lick the hot salt. I cannot focus, creating an angelic glow of softness around her own integral beauty as she watches me with liquid and erotic eyes. She smiles around him as I feel her nail points skim across my perineum and oscillate at my sensitive anal opening. Electrical shocks fly through me and tiny spasms move me sensually. Returning the way they came, the nail points scratch the rear of the ball sac. Her mouth is suckling him as she gently pulls and releases the sac sending a wave of heat through my core.

I love seeing a woman with my cock in her mouth, her cheeks hollow, and lips pursed. I love her nestled between my legs, slurping. I can feel her heat rising, watch
her face and body's subtle, sexual movements, the bloated look of her face as she cheeks the head allowing her to lick the sides with her hot, furry tongue.
Little sweat will break out first above her lip demonstrating her effort at pleasing me, her desire to bring me ecstasy. My own orgasm approaches.

"Slow it down," I moan.

She sits back, releasing me. She chews on a piece of ice, chilling her mouth and lips. She takes him again and bites the crown with her teeth, simultaneously
squeezing the ball sac. I whimper as he deflates slightly before she sucks him in again. Her mouth is cold, the ice against him so cold it is hot. I squirm from the
chills flashing through me. She holds him softly in her mouth until the ice dissolves, her hands meandering aimlessly on my groin. He responds. Again and again,
she caresses and massages with tongue and lips and hand, tenderly, lovingly, as tension builds.

I hold her head in both hands, telling her of my need and desire to release. Her hair is damp against her head. I feel the tautness of her neck and jaw muscles.
She increases her suction and speed to accelerate me. Her face is slippery with sweat under my hands and the wetness conducts the electricity flowing from her
to my brain. Her left hand circles him, providing a break stop to control the depth I enter. I feel her move her head, letting my prick bounce against the roof of her mouth. My sweat drips on her damp hair. Her eyes watch me, alive and liquid, proud and passionate. Her hips move erotically, signaling her own lust. I emit a low moan and, suddenly, she multiplies the vacuum as I explode in her. My ass and legs are spasming, my pubis thrusting of its own accord as ropes of my white, salty liquid fill her mouth. I feel her swallow as my male hardness ejaculates against her palate. Her eyes close, utter pleasure radiating from her expression as her throat drains her mouth of her reward.

My hands fall from her head. She decelerates us both, slowing, continuing to suck gently, pulling all the cum from me. Momentarily, she lets my softening prick
fall from her mouth. She stretches her jaw as her tongue licks her chaffed lips, wetting them and capturing a droplet of my juice which has oozed out. She suckles the softening cock.

I become erect again. Invigorated rather than depleted, I lead her to bed. She crawls to the middle on hands and knees, undulating the seat of my desire, teasing me. Alive, her heat and smell quaffs in waves as she writhes, naked, legs splayed, pelvis tilting in pleading invitation. Tauntingly, her legs snap shut as my knee touches the bed. I pry them apart and bury my nose in her bush. I love her stimulation of my senses. Each area, breasts, inner thighs, stomach, pussy, has its own feel and sight, unique texture and taste.

I have a big nose. I use it as another hand, a hand uniquely able to savor the spices of this holy land, a hand whose bridge nuzzles her clitoris while drawing in her unique perfumes. Like a snake, my tongue flicks the swollen and tender lips and slides into the warm passion flower, savoring the essence of her gender. My tongue is prehensile, wrapping around the burning button emerging from its coverlet to announce her unquenched and growing needs. I bury my senses in her feminine soul, juice on my lips and cheeks, the flow of energy like river rapids through me.

She moans and twists, hands in my hair, grinding my face against pulsing loins. I hold her arms tightly, restraining her, creating an anchor during her primordial cyclone. She pulls and strains, increasing her pleasure. She locks her thighs around my head, squeezing and pressurizing her own central core.

"Oh, god, please . . . so good . . . so good," she mews.

I love the sounds of love, the groans, moans, slurps and whimpers. I love the talk, the pleading and needy encouragements of us in passion, leading and rewarding each the other. Her legs release, planting heels firmly, pushing, thrusting, jamming, her pussy into my mouth, demanding, begging as she soars in a storm, violent winds lifting her upward. I lavish in the sweet, thick cream which flows from her.

"Yes . . . oh, my god . . . yes . . . !" she screams as she spasms,
shaking in shock waves of passion.

I hear her spew and sputter, incoherently demanding, as I alternatively suck and tongue her clitoris, sending orgasm after orgasm through her, draining her, emptying her desire into my hungry mouth as I consume her into me. Panting, sweat covered, her thighs slick with her own juices spread by my willing mouth, she inertly lays, involuntary movements from the aftershocks traversing her.

I release her arms. My left arm behind her knees, I lift her ass in the air and swat her, my right-hand flat, stinging only slightly to reawaken her, letting her adrenaline flow again. She hardly notices the first swat, or the second. On the third, eyes blink rapidly and body shakes as if awakening from death, the little death. Seeing me above her, like a tigress she springs, pulling me down on her.

She demands, "Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

I grab her ankles, forcing legs wide, thrusting her pelvis up. She sensuously laughs and guides him, stroking his head on her nether lips, busy fingers spreading them
wide to receive him. I ram hard, my whole weight powering the lunge into her. Her arms around me, claws cutting me, digging in to hold me against her. She spasms, squeezes him urgently, arching her back, pulsating in ecstasy. She screeches like an owl, a high, thin sound, all her tight vocal cords will release.

I bring her legs in, trapping them, doubled between my shoulders and her breasts. I rise until my rigid cock supports my whole weight as he burrows in her. Time is
compressed, each nuance of our actions magnified in obsessing clarity. My cock, acting on its own like some missile powered by his need to fill her with seed, blasts towards its desired explosion. I feel the incredible tightness in my sac and ass snaps taut into the rigidity of the end. She is frozen below me, eyes bugged out, mouth wide, lips full, face contorted, her own continuing explosions causing us both to reel and buck by the muscle spasms in her ass and thighs. He is milked as if by the pressure of a dozen hands as I burn in her lava-filled vent, our juices the magma coating and flowing over us, ears filled with the explosions of ecstasy.

I lay in her, unable to determine where she ends and I began as if the heat melded us together. Consumed and inert, we drift to other dimensions on the power we

The End

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