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Which to Use?

I am staying with my sons for a few days while I am in NY. I usually bring along my own shampoo and shower gel, travel sizes, but this time i forgot to pack them. I went to take a shower and realized all that was in the bathroom was guy scented shampoo and conditioner combined! and Axe shower gel. Nothing for the ladies in their lives!!! I do know they have sleep overs!

I went ahead and used the shampoo and conditioner mixed my hair felt so unsoft and tangled why??? Don't you guys like having soft and manageable hair. (I am getting my hair cut today!) My hair feels the same now but in the shower it felt so different.

Now for the Axe shower gel. I have to admit the scent wasn't tooooo bad. But it had these granules in the gel. I liked it, it felt different had a menthol scent. I even feel a bit cleaner now like a layer of skin was removed. You know squeaky clean.

So, yes ladies, probably have tried using your shower stuff, but as i did we mask the scent with our lovely scented perfumes, I sprayed on Clinque Happy!!!!

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