I had to get the oil changed in my car today, when the light comes on I get the oil changed. As I was waiting for my car, they said it would take about 45 minutes, I decided to browse the different stores nearby. I have been looking for new colors and styles of bras and panties. There really was nothing new on the market but this one store I happen to walk through had pink and purple panties. When I see purple panties or bras I purchase them, that color doesn't usually stay around long. And I could always use more pink panties. I touch and feel everything, including panties. They felt soft so I purchased them, one of each color.

The bra I bought was not the usual lace and embroidered bra, or the frills of a sexy bra. This bra has the preformed cups, slightly padded (which I really don't need) and multicolored. All shades of pinks and purples in heart shapes. It is a silly bra but I think we all need at least one silly crazy bra.

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