Washington, DC

Today was a good day to sight see or play tourist in Washington D C. I have done this before, couple times by myself and recently with my family. Today was a sightseeing tour of the monuments/memorials you know the ones; Washington, Lincoln, WWII, Korean, Vietnam Wall, and the memorial to the Armed Forces. The 2 I wanted to visit but didn't know how to get to them from the Mall area by foot were the Jefferson and FDR memorials. That will be another trip to D C. After the visiting the memorials; a quick look into the National Museum of American History. The exhibits I wanted to visit I couldn't because the lines were too long to stand on after spending a good part of the day visiting the memorials. Back to the museum on another day trip into Washington DC.

The reason for this posting is an observation I made throughout the day. It began when I was walking to the metro station in Vienna and continued throughout the day and even when I got back on the metro to get back to Vienna. Do you have any idea what I observed throughout the day???

What I saw were guys holding or carrying their gfs or wives pocketbooks/ purses. The pocketbooks or purses weren't the oversized bags filled with the stuff that was needed for a day of sightseeing but little dainty ones or lovely ones telling everyone they were out on a date! I think it was so cool, not certain but none of the guys and gentleman I saw holding or carrying their wives or gfs pocketbook looked like they were worried about their masculinity.

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