Spring and Valentine's Day

I posted articles I found in the news. I found them to be interesting. A roll on hormone to increase your sex drive, lipstick that changes color depending on the mood of the person wearing it, and foods that increase your sexual awareness. You would think that tomorrow is Valentine's Day not the day before Spring officially arrives. But maybe it is valentine's day, I have been awaken each morning this week with birds chirping loudly. Soon we will have the next generation of birds fluttering around! LOL

Once again my pantie luv asked what I was wearing this morning. I was in white all day. White lacy bra and white panties, he gets off knowing what I wear. I have been taking pictures of myself for him. He loves knowing that most of my lingerie is sheer, lacy and embroidered. I find those materials to be so sensual and sexy. I also told him about a colleague of mine. We were talking today, waiting for a student to come back from lunch, she had on a blouse that had alittle tie that tied the blouse closed, but today it was loosely tied and I noticed her bra. You all know how much I like lace and sheer fabrics. This other teacher's black bra was just that, at least what I could see of it. I so wanted to ask her where she bought that bra. I have been in J C Penney's and Kohl's and they didn't have such a sheer, lace bra. I probably need to get to other department stores at a bigger mall. Its time to wake up the buyers for department stores, we need new colors, styles and fabrics in the lingerie department, especially in the larger sizes, I am not a itty bitty.

You might even now my pantie luvs reaction but once again he tells me to go to Ebay. But he also knows I need to touch and feel and actually see the bras and panties. Its sensual and sexy.

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  1. I just love the wonderful way you embrace the sensuality and sexuality associated with lingerie purchasing and wearing by both females and males!

    A lady I'd very much enjoy being 'pantie luv' to ... but you're already taken!

    Hope we can be 'just friends' instead?

    Rikkie Lee