Shopping Over the Weekend

I did go to Winchester to get beautified. Afterwards I went shopping in JCPenney's. Checking out the lingerie department first. I always seem to go to this department first. I walked through the department nothing really caught my eye. There were a few bras that I liked but they had so much padding, I guess for those needing padding they were beautiful. I don't need padding so I didn't make a purchase. Then I wandered around the store, nothing really excited me. I guess being in Florida for a couple of days, I was spoiled and I really want spring to arrive.

It has been suggested to me several times to go to Ebay to shop for lingerie but I really don't like to shop Ebay. I like to look, touch feel the fabrics, really look at the colors. So shopping Ebay doesn't really do anything for me. When I told my pantie luv I have spent upwards of $40.00 and more for a bra he once again mentioned Ebay. To tell the truth, if I like a bra or panties or any lingerie price wouldn't stop me from making that purchase. I like the sexy look and feeling that comes from wearing beautiful bras and panties.

With all the rain lately, I can see the grass and trees beginning there new growth for spring. I even saw a robin red breast as I was driving home from church. Spring is coming alittle more each day. So where are the new colors for the new season. So I am waiting, trying to be patient.

I am attaching another Twisted but Clean 2 cartoon, enjoy it. I did see a movie over the weekend as well, don't ask me if I enjoyed the movie, I only saw the first few minutes and the last few minutes! The movie cost less then a hotel room at least! LOL

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