I am in Florida, actually in Lady Lake near The Villages. Its has been warm compared to Front Royal. I need to remind my family and myself to drink water. The temperature difference can wreck havoc on our systems. It is about a 30 degree difference between the 2 places. It was important to get here (Florida), my sons hadn't seen their Nana in several months and they got to catch up with their cousins as well. Definitely two different families. But it was good to visit. I am now trying to get the keys to the car so I can go to Kohl's, its on the same road as the hotel, so it should be a simple drive for me without being driven there. I need to get a black bra. The one
I have is an underwire and the wire broke in the washer. Since I am in Florida it was strange to walk into Bealls (?) and see all the spring colors and everything is so different with prints on shirts and all the houseware stuff.
Maybe it is possible to bring some springtime back to Front Royal! I am off to get keys, enjoy your day, it looks very bright outside.

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  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your travel to Florida. Kohls is a great place to buy panties. Several brands and usually a nice selection in most brands with reasonable prices too. Sure wish I could go panty shopping with you.